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Tissue Culture Flasks, 175 cm, TC-treated, Vent Cap, 44 pcs/CTN


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  • The culture surface was TC (Tissue culture) treated with proprietory technology, suitable for the adherent cell culture, especially for cells with high requirement for surface, such as stem cells, primary cells, neural cells, and osteoclast cells, etc.
  • Sterilized by γ irradiation.
  • Different sze available: 175cm2, 75cm2, 25cm2
  • Different styles of caps to suit for different needs.
  • Oblique necks for easier pouring liquid.
  • With plug seal caps without gasket, suitable for seal cell culture system, and also can be used in opening cell culture system while the caps unscrewed.
  • With vent caps provide exchange of sterilized air during the experiment, minimising the risk of contamination.

Specifications and Packing:

Product code Product Description Quantity Price per Carton
TCF-25P  25cm2 Tissue Culture Flask  (Plug seal cap) 132 pcs/carton $65.53
TCF-25V  25cm2 Tissue Culture Flask  (Vent cap) 132 pcs/carton $73.82
TCF-75P  75cm2 Tissue Culture Flask  (Plug seal cap) 80 pcs/carton  $91.15
TCF-75V  75cm2 Tissue Culture Flask  (Vent cap) 80 pcs/carton  $97.77
TCF-175P 175cm2Tissue Culture Flask  (Plug seal cap) 44 pcs/carton  $91.15
TCF-175V 175cm2Tissue Culture Flask  (Vent cap) 44 pcs/carton  $95.70



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